Gldapo - Groovy LDAP Objects

Gldapo is to LDAP what GORM is to SQL (or at least tries to be). It turns entries in a directory into first class Groovy objects.

Gldapo uses the excellent Spring LDAP library for the actual LDAP side of things. Gldapo by itself is only concerned with the objectification of LDAP entries and providing a general Object Oriented interface to LDAP programming.


  • LDAP entries as POGOs
  • Schema classes are plain Groovy classes with some annotations (no XML)
  • Easy to use, extensible, type mapping system (converting LDAP values to/from Groovy/Java types)
  • Easy to use searching


There is currently a problem with generating API docs from Groovy source using Maven. As such, the API docs are currently not available. The extent of the documentation is what is listed on this site. If in doubt, you can always check out the source .

The online version of this site contains the documentation for the latest development release. The version included in the distribution is relevant to the version of the distribution.